We have a wide range of brands from all across the globe that we can offer you. If one of the brands you desire is not in the list, Please feel free to contact us and we can try and source it for you

HPLC Field We offer all HPLC Components : Autosamplers - HPLC Column Ovens and Temperature Controllers - HPLC Detectors - HPLC Pumps -HPLC Solvent Degasser- Integrators - Pulse Dampers We offer all packed columns for all Trade marks We offer all lengths- ID- Particle size(µ)-Pore size(Å) We offer all Pharmacopeia's Packing from L1 to L64 : C1-C2-C3-C4-C8-C18-Silica- CN-NH2-Phenyl- SAX-SCX-….. etc We offer all HPLC Accessories We offer all Sample preparing Products ….and

GC Field We offer all packed columns - Capillary columns-Glass columns- st. st columns-aluminum columns- Nickel columns- PTFE columns We offer columns with all Lengths- ID- OD-thickness We offer columns with all famous Packed Materials Such as: OV-1, OV-5, OV-20, OV-35, OV-1301, OV-1701, OV-225, OV-624, …….. etc We offer columns with similar Packing for all companies: Agilent™ Supelco™ -Varian™ -SGE™ - J&W™ ……..etc We offer all GC Accessories : Traps - Splitters & Liner O-Rings- Tubing cutter- Magnifier - Inlet Septa -Vials- Glass Injection Port Liners Generators- Gas Cylinder Regulators – Flowmeters –Helium Leak Detector & Treets - Agilent Parts and Supplies - Crimper & Decapper ….and

Atomic Absorption We are a main supplier for all Replacement Hollow Cathode Lamps for your AA Instrument from Heraeus™ Company. Single Element and Multi-Element Lamps....and

Lab. Products We are a main supplier for the most of the laboratory instruments such as : pH meter - Lab Oven – Viscometer - Rotary Shaker - Vortex Mixers – Homogenizer – Polarimeter – Electrophoresis - Rotary Evaporator ……etc.

Tablets Testers Copley Scientific is a major supplier of testing equipment for pharmaceuticals, specifically designed to meet the requirements of the (USP) and the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.). The extensive range of products and services is designed to meet all the routine R&D and QC testing requirements for Tablets and Capsules The products and services offered cover the following categories: - Tablet Disintegration Tester - Tablet Friability Tester - Tablet Dissolution Tester - Tablet Hardness Tester.

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