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   Atomic Absorption
Hollow Cathode Lamps
Replacement Hollow Cathode Lamps for your AA Instrument from Cathodeon
Whether you're looking for single element or multi element, non-coded or data coded, 37mm (1.5") or 50mm (2"), we can supply the lamp you need!
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What you need to know about Hollow Cathode Lamps
Hollow Cathode lamps are line sources designed for use primarily in atomic absorption spectrophotometers. They are gas discharge devices where the discharge is constrained within the cathode of a specific metal. This results in a line output where the wavelength and intensity is dependant on the metal.
Hollow Cathode lamps are available as either single element or multi-element depending on the application. Multi-element lamps can be used to test for different elements and give multiple lines but there will be a proportionate decrease in the intensity.

Each cathode contains the element of choice in a very pure form (99.99%) where possible. Alloying is used where the element of choice may not be available in a suitable form (such as mercury, sodium etc.) or to reduce the cost where the metal in the pure form is expensive. In all of these cases the metal used to make the alloy will be carefully selected to ensure that the wavelengths do not overlap or interfere.
Glass Type and Fill Gas
The type of glass used to make the lamp envelope and the fill gas inside the lamp is optimised to achieve the highest sensitivity.

The choice of glass will depend on the principle wavelength. Borosilicate glass is normally used for wavelengths over 400nm, UV transparent glass is used for 240-400nm and quartz is used for wavelengths shorter than that.

The fill gas (normally neon) is always chosen so that the spectral output of the cathode is free from interference. Argon and other inert gases are also used where appropriate.
Unlike Deuterium lamps, hollow cathode lamps are almost universal in shape. Lamps are available with a 50mm (2inch) diameter for Perkin Elmer instruments and with a 37mm (1.5inch) diameter for fitting into all other commercially available instruments.
Data Coding and Self-Reversal (Smith-Hieftje)
All variants are available in standard, data coded and self-reversal (Smith-Hieftje) background correction versions. Data coded bases permit some instruments to automatically identify the lamp when it is plugged in. (This option is only available to Varian, Perkin Elmer and Unicam instruments). The self-reversal (Smith-Hieftje) correction lamps are mainly used in older spectrophotometers as a method of measuring the background absorption. This involves passing a high current momentarily through the cathode to produce a dense cloud of neutral atoms to block the lamp output. This enables the background to be measured and subtracted from the sample signal. These lamps have extra insulation to cope with the high voltage pulse and can be used in normal instruments (not all elements can be used with this technique).
Hollow Cathode Lamps
High quality replacement hollow cathode lamps from Cathodeon. Whether you're looking for single element or multi element, non-coded or data coded, 37mm (1.5") or 50mm (2"), we can supply the hollow cathode lamp you need! Simply select the element you require below. If you're looking for multi-element lamps, click on one of the elements here — you will be able to specify any additional elements on the next page.
Actinium Chlorine Hassium Neodymium Rhenium Thulium
Aluminium Chromium Helium Neon Rhodium Tin
Americium Cobalt Holmium Neptunium Rubidium Titanium
Antimony Copper Hydrogen Nickel Ruthenium Tungsten
Argon Curium Indium Niobium Rutherfordium Ununbium
Arsenic Darmstadtium Iodine Nitrogen Samarium Ununpentium
Astatine Deuterium Iridium Nobelium Scandium Ununquadium
Barium Dubnium Iron Osmium Seaborgium Ununtrium
Berkelium Dysprosium Krypton Oxygen Selenium Unununium
Beryllium Einsteinium Lanthanum Palladium Silicon Uranium
Bismuth Erbium Lawrencium Phosphorus Silver Vanadium
Bohrium Europium Lead Platinum Sodium Xenon
Boron Fermium Lithium Plutonium Strontium Ytterbium
Bromine Fluorine Lutetium Polonium Sulphur Yttrium
Cadmium Francium Magnesium Potassium Tantalum Zinc
Caesium Gadolinium Manganese Praseodymium Technetium Zirconium
Calcium Gallium Meitnerium Promethium Tellurium


Californium Germanium Mendelevium Protactinium Terbium


Carbon Gold Mercury Radium Thallium


Cerium Hafnium Molybdenum Radon Thorium


Warranty - Hollow Cathode Lamps
The Hollow Cathode lamps are warranted to emit spectra for a period of 24 months from the date of dispatch or 5000 milliampere hours usage, whichever occurs first. Should any failure occur (excluding accidental damage or misuse) within the warranty period, the lamp will be replaced free of charge providing the failed lamp is returned in its original packing and with the completed warranty card.