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About Us:
Started way back in the year 2004 and introduced its first product and ever since, we have been a launching pad for a number of similar objects which are steadily orbiting in the Analytical Instruments atmosphere to become A Coveted name in the field of Analytical Instruments in Egypt.

is instrumental in identifying the needs of analytical Chemists, and in bringing the solutions to their door steps.

is engaged in developing state-of-the-art products, which find applications in Quality control, R&D,Environmental safety and similar fields. Our sold products are being used in several reputed organizations all over Egypt Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizers, Petrochemical Industries, Research Institutes, National Laboratories, Atomic Energy, Defense, Public Sector Units, Multinationals, Leading Universities, Pollution Boards etc. This would not have been possible, without the good wishes of several satisfied customers.

have a team of Analytical, Scientific, Chromatography and Laboratory Instruments experts, with more than a decade of expertise in Marketing, Selling and Servicing of Instruments in Egypt. We Sell and service Analytical, Chromatography(offer entire range of Liquid Chromatography products )and Scientific Instruments, Accessories, Consumables, filtrations and also offering Solutions for the problems faced by the analytical and Chromatography Community.

offer a variety of time-saving accessories for general analytical HPLC, and also Sell innovative components designed for specific HPLC & GC instruments from companies like Waters, Shimadzu, Agilent, Beckman, and many more. And our sales line is expanding well beyond LC component Which offers a tremendous source of competitive advantage and Technology is making this content more accessible to customers in our country.

are represent and distribute for many Leader companies worldwide such as: ES Industries(USA), O V (USA) , SMI Labhut (UK) , Labomed (USA), Axyos (Australia), Nacalai Tesque (Japan), VANGARD (USA),Chromtech (USA),Consort (Belgium) ……and others……

HPLC Instruments :
Autosampler - HPLC Column Ovens and Temperature Controllers - HPLC Detectors - HPLC Pumps HPLC Solvent Degasser- Integrators - Pickering Post Column - Pulse Dampers.

HPLC Columns:
ES™ Industries, Cosmosil™ , Zorbax™ , Chiral™ and YMC™ Columns. (we offer much alternatives to most HPLC columns)

HPLC Accessories:
Vials - Syringe Filters- Hamelton Syringe - Solid Phase Extraction Columns - Vacuum Manifold and Accessories - Positive Pressure SPE Processors - Extraction Disks - Evaporators and Concentrators –Accessories for Rheodyne Valves - Rheodyne Fittings - Rheodyne Manual Sample Injector - Rotor Seals, Stators and Kits - Sample Loops for Rheodyne Valves - Back Pressure Regulators & Check Valves - Connectors & Valves & Adapters & Fittings - Pump Replacement Parts – Frits - Inlet Solvent Filters – Tubing - Upchurch High Pressure Fittings - Upchurch Low Pressure Adapters - Valco Fittings and Accessories - Detector Lamps - AA Lamps - Agilent HPLC Instrument Replacement Parts - 96 Well Plates….and more

GC Columns:
OV Columns USA, (we offer all packed & Capillary GC columns)

GC Accessories :
Traps - SRI Gas Chromtograph - SGE Instrument Supplies - Inlet Septa - Glass Injection Port Liners Generators- GC Derivitization Reagents - Gas Cylinder Regulators – Flowmeters – Ferrules - ETP Electron Multipliers - Column Kits & Helium Leak Detector & Treets - Agilent Instrument Parts and Supplies - Agilent Fittings & Connectors - Splitters & Liner O-Rings.

Lab. Equipments :
We are offer all Major Equipments in Chemistry, Bio Chemistry, Bio Technology, micro Biology and Pharmaceutical Quality Control Equipments such as: Electrophoresis - lab incubators - Hot Air Oven - Fume Hood – Fluorimeter - Cooling Centrifuge-Colorimeter - PH Meters - Rotary Shaker – Conductometer - Micro Pippets- AUTOCLAVES- Laminar Flow -Water Bath Shaker- Refrigerators - Bacteriological incubators - BOD Incubator- Colony Counter – Fermentor – Homogenizers – Transilluminators - UV-Visible Spectrophotometer TLC System- Particle Size Analyzer - Dissolution Testers - Bulk Density Tester - Data System Validation Instrument - Disintegration Testers - Fraction Collectors - INFRA RED LAB SYSTEM – Polarimeters – REFRACTOMETER - TOC Analyzer – Viscometers - Vortex Mixers.

Int'l Co. Executive Officers :
On May 21, 2005 Mr. Hassan Shaker became chief executive officer of International co. for lab. Instruments, Egypt.

"I feel very fortunate to be given the chance to lead this company. Int'l Co. has one of the best names in Marketing, Selling and Servicing of Instruments in Egypt , a legacy of innovation and integrity, a highly capable team of employees and the financial strength to make significant investments."

"I am confident that we are on the threshold of great achievement as we embrace the challenge to success in our target strategies." – Hassan Shaker

Mr. Hassan Shaker - President and Chief Executive Officer
Eng. Mohamed Ahmed - Senior Vice President, Local Businesses
Dr. Kamelia Mahdi, Ph.D. - Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Eng. Yehia Ebrahem - Senior Vice President, Sales Manager Officer