We have a wide range of brands from all across the globe that we can offer you. If one of the brands you desire is not in the list, Please feel free to contact us and we can try and source it for you
International Co. Ffor Lab. Instruments
We are a team of Analytical, Scientific, Chromatographyand Laboratory Instruments experts, with more than a decade of expertise in Marketing, Selling and Servicing of the Laboratory Instruments.

We have an impressive range of products to meet theneeds of any analytical chemist. Please feel free to contact us if you need anything other than the productslisted below and we will try and find it for you.

Chromatography field HPLC & GC :

HPLC Instruments :
We offer all HPLC & GC Components such as:Autosamplers - HPLC Column Ovens and Temperature Controllers - HPLC Detectors - HPLC Pumps -HPLC Solvent Degasser- Integrators - Pickering Post Column – Pulse Dampers- Gas Generators(for GC).

HPLC Columns:
We offer all packed columns for all Trade marks: µBondapak- symmetry- Spherisorb- Hypersil- Hypercarb - Nucleosil- Adsorbosphere- Adsorbosil- Altima- Econosil - Zorbax- Bondclone- Luna- Maxsil- Prodigy- Ultracarb- Ultremex- LiChrospher- LiChrosorb- LiChrcart- Partisil- Inertsil- Hamilton- TSKgel- Shodex- YMC- Kromasil – Chiral …….. etc We offer all lengths- ID- Particle size(µ)-Pore size(Å) We offer all Pharmacopeia's Packing from L1 to L64 : C1-C2-C3-C4-C8-C18-Silica- CN-NH2-Phenyl- SAX-SCX-….. etc

GC Columns:
We offer all packed columns - Capillary columns-Glass columns- st. st columns-aluminum columns- Nickel columns - PTFE columns We offer columns with all Lengths- ID- OD-thickness We offer columns with all famous Packed Materials Such as: OV-1, OV-5, OV-20, OV-35, OV-1301, OV-1701, OV-225, OV-225, OV-624, Carbowax 20M, OV-101, Porapack, OV-351…….. etc We offer columns with similar Packing for all companies: Agilent™- Supelco™ -Varian™ -SGE™ - J&W™ ……..etc

HPLC Accessories:
Evaporators and Concentrators –Accessories for Rheodyne Valves - Rheodyne Fittings - Rheodyne Manual Sample Injector - Rotor Seals, Stators and Kits - Sample Loops for Rheodyne Valves - Back Pressure Regulators & Check Valves - Connectors ,Valves , Adapters & Fittings - Pump Replacement Parts – Frits – Inlet Solvent Filters – Tubing - Upchurch High Pressure Fittings - Upchurch Low Pressure Adapters - Valco Fittings and Accessories - Detector Lamps - AA Lamps - Agilent HPLC Instrument Replacement Parts - Fraction Collectors ….and more

Sample preparing:
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Columns - Glass Filtration Kit Vacuum Manifold and Accessories - Vials - Syringe Filters-Membrane filters- Hamelton Syringe - Positive Pressure SPE Processors - Extraction Disks -Well Plates

GC Accessories :
Traps - SRI Gas Chromtograph - SGE Instrument Supplies - Inlet Septa -Vials- Glass Injection Port Liners Generators- GC Derivitization Reagents - Gas Cylinder Regulators – Flowmeters – Ferrules - ETP Electron Multipliers - Column Kits , Helium Leak Detector & Treets - Agilent Instrument Parts and Supplies - Agilent Fittings & Connectors - Splitters & Liner O-Rings- Tubing cutter- Magnifier - Crimper & Decapper …. etc

Lab Equipments fields

Tablets Dissolution Testers:
-6 & 8 Bath Cups(1L)
-Automatic paddle lifting system
-Automatically setup the US Pharmacopoeia parameter -Temperature range: 20-40 C°
-Speed Range: 20~200 rpm

Tablets Disintegration Testers:
1, 2 & 3 Cups (1L)
-6 Nacelles Glass tubes
-Automatic Temperature 37 ± 0.5 C°

Tablets PRESSE:
-single, double or triple punch heads
-Variable Speed Control
-Affordable custom design punches & dies
-Produces all sizes & shapes of tablets up to 25mm


UV- Visible wavelength range for test flexibility 190-1100 nm

Multi cell holder:
-4 cuvettes Incubator 25L, 75L, 140L, 160L, 225L, 300L, 500L , 800L
-ambient + 5°C to 80°C Water Bath 10L, 15L, 20L, 40L -ambient + 5°C to 80°C

10 - 1500mL and has a (Dispersing Tool ) shaft length of 204mm. speed range of 6000 - 24,000 rpm

Vortex Mixers:
have a variable speed, analog control that allows low rpm startup for gentle shaking or high speed mixing for vigorous vortexing of samples.

Hot Plates:
It is provided with a flat 50mm st. st housing, with a stirring power equivalent to 6L of water. The speed is regulated by microprocessor, through a graduated control knob. It has a very high magnetic power.

PH Meters (Portable & desktop):
pH • mV • Conductivity • Resistivity • Salinity • TDS • Oxygen • Air Pressure • Temp. pH -2...+16 pH mV ±2000 mV Conductivity 0...2000 mS/cm Resistivity 0...200 MΩ.cm Salinity 0...70 ppt TDS 0...100 g/l Dissolved Oxygen 0...60 mg/l Air Pressure 800...1100 hPa Temperature -30...+130°C -We Have all types of Electrodes, buffers, Standers, Cables, and Software.

-Analytical Balances ranges: 100 / 200 g; resolution.: 0.0001 g (0.1 mg)
-Moisture Analyzer Balances ranges: 100 g / 200 g; resolution.: 0.001 g; 0 ... 100 % moisture
-Laboratory Balances 3 models with weighing ranges 300-3000- 6000 g; resolutions: 0.01 / 0.1 / 1 g -Digital Paper / Fabric Scales 0 ... 20000 g/m² for 100 cm² - Probes or 0 ... 200 g; resolutions: 1 g/m² / 0.01 g
-Precision Paper / Tissue Scales weighing range: 0 ... 30,000 g/m²; resolution: 0.1 g/m²
-Benchtop Scales dual display; range 15 kg; resolution: 5 g -Precision Scales internal calibration ranges up to 3 kg; res.: 0.001 / 0.01 g
-Platform Balances ranges: 60 / 150 kg; resolutions: 20 / 50 g